Underground Products San Diego
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Underground Products San Diego started 10 years ago when i designed, built, and installed my first custom audio system. I have been fascinated with automobiles ever since I was a kid. When most kids were waking up on Saturday mornings to watch cartoons you would find me watching some sort of auto tv show. Racing is in my blood I am a 5th generation mechanic and racer. I got into the car show scene when I was 16 years old I went to my first sound competition. since then i have built countless show winning sound systems as well as lighting systems. I love cars, Motorcycles, Trucks, Boats RV's and the people who own them. Now let me tell you what makes me different from every other stereo guy out there. First and foremost In my opinion the Person is always most important! Never the money! Secondly I would never do anything that I myself wouldn't own and want! I am mobile, not only because It is cheaper for me to keep the overhead cost down but also it makes it much easier for my customers. they know where their vehicle is at all times and there is no surprises that way. I am a very honest and fair man. My work speaks for itself and I never have to defend it! I'm a do it once do it right kind of person. However with that being said if for some reason you should ever have a problem I am always happy to help fix it.